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Down the Deep Stair

soprano and string quartet
40'-50' (2016-17) text: original recomposition of Beckett and Yi Sang

Black Flower Blossoming 검은꽃피다 
1. Dead Center of an Open Field

unaccompanied female pansori vocalist and stage lighting
15' (2016)


An Ever Dimmer Light  영영 사그라지는 불

for two microtonally-tuned gayageums
9.5' (2015-16)

A Bird With No Throat

for flutist and light
9.5' (2015)

“Pas de replâtrage, la structure est pourrie”

for piano, electric guitar (doubling baritone electric guitar), contrabass (doubling electric bass)
12' (2012/15)

Deep Song

for soprano and twelve cellos
23' (2014) text: F. G. Lorca


for six solo strings
8' (2008)